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I believe that these days it is just everyone's passion to learn new languages in order to achieve their aims. Here in this section I tried to show you the details of how to pass TOEFL test.


I offer TOEFL tutoring and career coaching as an experienced person on these fields to help you fulfill your aims. let's not forget this saying. " I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential." Bob Nardelli

Who am I. What I Do

I am Mehmet. I have been working as a TOEFL Tutor for a long time period in order to make people get their dream score in this test.

What People Say About Me

Thanks to him I was able to reach my target score in the reading section of TOEFL test. Not only did he help me reach my goal in this test, but also he gave me the vision and discipline on how to improve self-study programs and get yourself motivated to reach my goal. I ,totally, recommend him for those who are planning to take TOEFL test.
He has helped me a lot on TOEFL Speaking. I needed to get 26+ in the speaking section and with the help of his sessions, I could be able to reach my dream score with ease. He seems really experienced on this subject. Without any doubt, it would be a ideal option to choose as a tutor for those who are aiming high scores in this test.
Msc. Engineer
I had to went through, as like everyone else, such a turmoil during my preparation for TOEFL test. I was about to give up on it but then I came across with him. That was like a game changer to me in a sense that I could be able to follow my dream to get where I am now. If you are looking for a tutor who is more like a life coach, he will be the correct address.