TOEFL Listening Sample

In this video, I tried to show you how to correctly approach to the listening questions on TOEFL test. What is important here is to know that note taking is the killer strategy to get the most of the questions answered correctly. Focus on your note taking to improve your score on the listening section. This practice test will definitely help you to enhance your ability to understand how to take notes during the test. You can also check out my own note that I took while I was solving the practice test. Try to write down the important points during the listening part. It might be challenging to understand them at the beginning but you will realize that as you solve more practice tests.

TOEFL Listening Sample 2

In this video, I tried to show you the most important listening strategies for TOEFL test. I also provided my own notes that I took while I was solving the test. Before listening the section, get yourself a pen and a paper to create the vibe of the real test atmosphere. Pay attention to my approach on the questions for the first part of the TOEFL listening section. One can easily get a high score by improving their concentration on the listening and also by improving their notetaking skills. The key to maximize your score on TOEFL listening section is to write down solid notes during the listening part. As long as you apply the strategies and have great notes, getting a perfect score is going to be a piece of cake! Enjoy!

TOEFL Listening Sample 3

In this video, I covered the second question type in TOEFL listening section. The tips and hints are still the same both for notetaking and question tackling. Try to take notes while you listen the audio and compare it with my notes at the end of the video. It is not arduous to get 30/30 in the listening section, if you know the strategies. After practicing for some time, you will be amazed by how much easier the questions can get. Enjoy!