TOEFL Speaking Tips

In this video, I tried to share with you how I got 29/30 in the speaking section of TOEFL test. It is important to understand on this video that it is fairly doable get a score like I got. Although I already mentioned in the video, it is important to highlight it here that it is not needed to use templates to score high on TOEFL speaking section. Try to be as natural as possible to get the score that you are aiming for. If you are looking to get some more professional help for TOEFL test, contact me via my mail address.

TOEFL Speaking - Task 1

Hello Everyone,

In this video, I tried to show you the most effective strategies to get a decent score in speaking section of TOEFL. The content and the structure of the speech is highly important to get a good score.

Try to come up with 1 reason as a thesis statement then follow it up with a story as an example. The most important part during your speech is the example part in which you need to provide a story so pay extra attention when you get to that point.

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